GOD The Most Supreme Entertainer

Islam came to the world to entertain human beings. Here is the beauty of Islam, as Islam is entertaining. The Greatest entertainer of all is God, the Most Supreme. When one recognises God and understands His actions, then God is very delightful and entertaining. God the Supreme Entertainer.

As an example, with all the common things we face, unrealising, the air we breathe comes from God. Without air, we die and we do not realise, this is entertainment. When God restricts the air, there is no entertainment.

The earth we step on is God`s creation. If we were to look up at the blue sky, God`s sky, it`s a pleasant sight. Looking at the beautiful green scenery. We visit the market looking for fresh fish, meat and vegetables, all these are entertaining.

But we do not realise it`s entertaining and it has never been mentioned. We simply look at things around us without putting any value to what we see.

As we toil our energy during our daily routine, exhaustion seeps into our body which then requires rest. God makes us sleepy. If we are not sleepy, even though we try, we won`t be able to sleep. Being sleepy is entertaining. After a good sleep, our body feel refreshed and energised. This is entertainment from God.

When we meet other fellow humans, we could express our emotions, sharing our feelings. He then, reciprocate, sharing his feelings and emotions. Feeling relieved, that`s entertainment from God. God is most entertaining.

When we wish to do any good deeds we are asked to recite His name. The reason why God chose one from 99 names of Allah. God ordered us to recite Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.

God introduces Himself, I am the Entertainer.

God did not ask us to recite Bismillahijabbarul qahhar. We do not realise, we are not aware. We only know if we recite His name, would get a fadhilat (something in return). We are never taught God is the Supreme Entertainer. We are only taught about fadhilat.

God created day and night. The occurrence of night and day is entertainment from God. With the existence of night without daylight, it`s troublesome. When daylight goes on without night time, when do we have the time to rest as daylight is meant for work! Shouldn`t we feel entertained?

We have never been taught Tauhid in this manner. God is the Supreme Entertainer and no other entertainer would match Him.

The reason for God providing us with His syariah. As if He`s saying, “If I create you, I`m your supreme entertainer and I provide you with syariah as rules and a living system to entertain you.”

God is the Supreme Entertainer. He provides syariah as a second form of entertainment. Syariah is teaching us, anyone who does anything wrong, we forgive. Isn`t this entertaining?

If we don`t forgive, the person will feel hurt. Neighbours have to be taken care of like our own families even though they are non believers. Isn`t this entertaining?

Among friends, there should be loyalty. Isn`t this entertaining?

When anyone go against you during your missionary/dakwah work, we pray for them. Isn`t this entertaining?

If we read past history, those fighting for Islam especially the Prophets, no one else could match them. Read the history of Prophets Adam, Idris, Musa, Nuh, Daud etc. They have never killed anyone, except prophet Musa before he was elected as prophet, even then it was accidental.

Rasulullah SAW was involved in 27 wars but he did not kill a single soul, even when there was an opportunity. When given the chance he would forgive. Wouldn`t anyone be entertained by this sort of actions?

Allah sent Rasulullah SAW to entertain human beings. With enemies, if they are not converterd to Islam, the prophet would leave them alone, hoping that one day their future generations would be Muslims. Isn`t this entertaining?

Why do the present day Islamic scholars, when mentioning the word Jihad, they have to associate it with killing others? Where does this mindset come from?

The prophets never did this. No wonder the non Muslims and even the Muslims have fear of Islam.

God wishes all human beings to entertain other fellow beings. God sends those fighting for Islam to entertain others, even though they themselves go through hardships, the most important is others are entertained.

Source : http://www.ikhwan-insight.com/articles/list_detail.php?recordID=148


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