Letter from Caliph Umar to River Nile


There was a time when Egypt was conquered by Muslims, Caliph Umar Al-Khattab put Amru Al-Ash as the governor of that new Muslim territory. Amru Al-Ash was famous as a valiant commander and an efficient and wise administrator.

After some period, the month of Bowana (June) came. At the beginning of the month a delegation of the “Qabti” tribe met the governor and said that one habit of the river Nile is such that if not fulfilled it (the Nile) stops flowing.

The governor asked. “What’s that?”.

They said: “After 12 nights of this month Bowana (June) has passed, we grab a beautiful young girl, persuade her parents, decorate this young girl with good clothes and jewelry and put her in the river Nile. After that the river flows with full force”

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GOD The Most Supreme Entertainer

Islam came to the world to entertain human beings. Here is the beauty of Islam, as Islam is entertaining. The Greatest entertainer of all is God, the Most Supreme. When one recognises God and understands His actions, then God is very delightful and entertaining. God the Supreme Entertainer.

As an example, with all the common things we face, unrealising, the air we breathe comes from God. Without air, we die and we do not realise, this is entertainment. When God restricts the air, there is no entertainment.

The earth we step on is God`s creation. If we were to look up at the blue sky, God`s sky, it`s a pleasant sight. Looking at the beautiful green scenery. We visit the market looking for fresh fish, meat and vegetables, all these are entertaining.

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Islamic Politics : Politics of LOVE & FRATERNITY

It is one of the many books Abuya has written. This book is just as controversial, alien and fat fetched as his other books in the general view of Muslims and the Islamic scholars of today especially the official scholars who serve the government. It is even shocking to some parties but exciting to others. It is contradictive to some people but nontheless refreshing, challenging and an eye opener to some others.

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Islam is rising in the EAST ( Malaysia & Indonesia )

Most people know about the predictions of Nostradamus (a French Jew) concerning the coming of a saviour that he mentioned as “the man with the blue turban”.

A Dutch writer, G. H. Brill wrote in his book The First Encyclopaedia of Islam (1913) about the rise of Islam from the East by someone he called “the standard bearer of Mahdi”.

And in an ancient and famous Javanese book known as Babad Jawa, there is mention about the coming of one “Ratu Adil” (Imam Mahdi) and “Satria Piningit” (The Bearer of his Banner ) who will govern Indonesia and the Malay Archipelago with pure Islamic teachings. Permadi SH is a famous name in Indonesia.

He said clearly that Satria Piningit is the person who will lead to Ratu Adil. Before him is Satria Kinunjara and Satria Mukti Wibawa. Satria Kinunjara is the one who spent most of his life in prison and who set Indonesia free from colonization.

That was Soekarno. Permadi SH also said clearly that Satria Piningit is an admirer and he echoes the message of Soekarno. Satria Mukti Wibawa is a leader full of charisma who filled Indonesia’s independence. That was Soeharto. But Permadi SH also mentioned that Soeharto’s era was still an era of chaos and anarchy. There was no justice until the arrival of Satria Piningit.

Satria Piningit literally means a hidden warrior. He exists but appears non-existent. He is non-existent but appears to exist. This means he is protected by God. He is surrounded by tyranny and injustice like maggots crawling and creeping all over his body.
On one side, Satria Piningit has the good character of Soekarno. On the other side he has the good character of Soeharto. He is brave, vocal but calm and bound by strategy.

That is why Permadi SH said he is the combination of both Soekarno and Soeharto.
His arrival results in the merger of Malaysia and Indonesia. This is a continuation of the success of the Kingdom of Majapahit. That kingdom united the Malay Archipelago with the influence of Hindu and Buddhist religions.

This time, the Malay Archipelago will unite under the banner of pure Islam. Permadi SH also mentioned this is the turn of the Malays to lead the world. The light of Islam will emerge from the Malay Archipelago and will brighten the whole world.

The signs are already clear and the emergence of Satria Piningit is very near. He will emerge exactly at the time he is needed.

These predictions of Permadi SH are almost similar to the predictions of the Jewish Nostradamus and the writings of G. H. Brill. Verily God in His own way has spread this dazzling news about the rise of Islam in the last era to most races and languages of the world. Almost all races have heard about it. It is exciting and elating news to all Muslims. But to the enemies of Islam, they are wary and very sad.

We can see what is happening in the East beginning from the early 15th Hijriah century. We will notice the revival of Islam in the Malay world that is growing and expanding although it is being hindered and obstructed. This is a strange phenomenon.

Malays are becoming the best people in the practice of Islam and they are in the forefront of the Islamic struggle in the whole world today. It is not yet perfect, but is certainly progressing. This is no longer a secret. Although Islam was brought to the Malay Archipelago by Arab Traders more than 700 years ago, only now is Islam beginning to flourish in this region albeit in an era where the second age of ignorance has enveloped the whole world. Islam here did not die nor did it perish although it is was colonized and its enemies tried to kill it countless times.

This second revival of Islam does not follow the system or process of political elections. Islam has its own system. The Prophet choose a different system from the system of his time to bring up and to raise Islam.

He did it through dakwah (missionary work) and education using the divine revelations and the Hadith. His approach was through love, care, brotherhood and fraternity. When the hearts and minds of people are processed through divine revelations which are heartfelt and supreme, there will be an overall shift in the hearts and minds of people and of the society towards the truth and virtue that will bring about an Islamic nation followed by an Islamic Empire.

We should emulate the Companions of the Prophet who rushed to realise the promise of Allah to be the good military leader who would capture Constantinople from the Nasranis as said by the Prophet. They were not told who the good military leader was.

So they wanted to try to be him including Sayidina Abu Ayub Al Ansari who was then more than 90 years old. He advanced towards Constantinople and because he was not the promised one, he died a martyr beside the walls of the city. They were not disappointed if they failed. What is important is to fight for what Allah has promised and to gain His forgiveness and acceptance. Not trying is much worse than failing.

Bicara Sejarah Islam : The Secret of Nusantara


Pada abad ke-11 M dimulailah rangkaian konflik antar pemeluk agama yang dikenal sebagai Perang Salib (Crusade Wars). Diawali dengan perintah Paus (Pope) Urbanus II untuk menguasai Yerusalem yang berada dalam wilayah pemerintahan Islam. Gelombang peperangan terus berlangsung selama berabad-abad kemudian dan tahun meluas ke wilayah-wilayah lain. Konflik yang terjadi dalam Perang Salib sebenarnya tidak hanya melibatkan dua pemeluk agama tersebut karena dalam beberapa seri Perang Salib berikutnya tentara Salib juga terlibat konflik dengan pihak-pihak di luar kaum Muslim yang menjadi lawan utama.

Bagi Crusaders (tentara Salib) dan kaum Muslim, peperangan yang terjadi meninggalkan kesan yang tidak terlupakan pada masing-masing pihak. Bagi orang-orang Eropa, kekalahan pada Perang Salib terhadap Salahuddin Al Ayubi/ Saladin (Ayubbid Empire)Ottoman Empire) dan kemudian terhadap Turki Utsmani ( menimbulkan kekecewaan yang mendalam. Hal ini mendorong lahirnya Renaissance Eropa pada abad ke-15. Sistem keagamaan yang dinilai menghambat kemajuan mulai ditinggalkan. Sebagai gantinya mereka mengharapkan pencapaian seperti dominasi Yunani-Romawi sebelum zaman Kristen dengan cara mengembangkan kemajuan-kemajuan yang telah dipelajari sebelumnya dari orang-orang Arab, di antaranya adalah pada pada bidang geografi, teknologi maritim, navigasi dan persenjataan. Continue reading


1. The complete Islamic way of life

There is truth in the party meaning there is a complete Islamic way of life. Established in the party are the Islamic system of economy, Islamic social system and other Islamic systems in health, welfare system, Islamic information, motivation and communication, agriculture and systems in other aspects of life whether at the level of party, state, nation or even up to the level of an empire. All these are based on the Islamic shariah and are guided by faith (iman).


Bandar Country Homes, Rawang, Selangor, Malaysia : A Model of Islamic City

2. Human and material development

The difference between the party of Allah and that which is not is that in the party of Allah, there exist both material and human development. Like a steelyard, both are in complete balance. These are the factors that result in peace, prosperity and the forgiveness of Allah in the party because the physical development is owned and carried out by good people who are spiritually developed and virtuous. They are able to uphold the shariah or laws of Allah and the traditions of the Prophet in every aspect of life. They are able to manifest and practise Islam in real life, not only in their minds which are only theoretical and grossly impractical. This cannot be done unless they have the strength, power and energy derived from human and spritual development.

3. Its influence is universal

The influence of the party of Allah is universal. Its followers are of various races and they come from many countries. The way of the party can fulfil and satisfy the needs of all Muslims who love the truth regardless of their race and origin. It can fulfil their innate and inborn nature; whereby such nature is common to all humans no matter what their race and ethnic are. If a party comprise members and supporters of only one race from one country or of only one group or profession, may they be youths, scholars, clerics, farmers, labourers, literary people, businessmen and so on, then it is not the party of Allah because it is then exclusive and not universal.

4. Universal unity

In Allah’s party, there is universal unity or unity of the ummah. In other words, the party of Allah is where people from around the world unite, and they practise the same system and way of life. Everyone is bound by Allah’s laws. This is what Allah meant by the decree:

Meaning: “Holdfast all of you together to the rope of Allah, and do not be divided among yourselves.” (Ali Imran: 103)

The party that practises the laws of Allah is liken to a rope which whoever holds on to it would be joined together to one source of reference that is Allah. That is what is called unity.

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The Party of Allah (III) – The Criteria of The FOLLOWERs

1. Normally members of the party of Allah are small in number but they possess quality and are greatly influential. Only their sympathisers are many. Perhaps because of the stringent requirement to be a member, many cannot qualify. The wisdom is that Allah wants to present Himself and show His greatness that His party, although small, is able to defeat their opponents of greater numbers. This will verify Allah’s decree

Meaning: “How often a small group overcame a mighty host by Allah’s will? And Allah is with those who are patient?” (Surah Al Baqarah: 249)

Or at least, it is easier to uphold the complete and all encompassing Islamic way of life in a smaller party compared to a big one with Allah’s permission.

2. The levels of people who make up the party come from various groups and professions. There are farmers, undergraduates, judges, lawyers, businessmen, politicians, policemen, soldiers, civil servants, artists, clerics, millionaires, ministers and so on. Most of them are full time members, working in accordance to their skills and expertise.

3. Members of the party of Allah who are distributed in nations all around the world are similar and uniform in their thinking, character, identity, behaviour and in the way they struggle. They conform to each other as though they are of one father and mother even though some of them do not know and have never met each other because they live too far apart. This happens because the upbringing and education comes from one source, which flow through the established channels to every nook and corner wherever the members are around the world.


~ men-equal, picture courtesy of Heliconia ~

4. The ties of brotherhood between the followers is akin to a closely arranged set of bricks that make up a wall. Continue reading

The Party of Allah (II) – The Criteria of The LEADER


1. The leaders of the party of Allah are the representatives or the caliphs of Allah.

They are appointed or chosen by Allah through divine revelations (wahyu), Hadiths, by divine inspirations (ilham) or by the Ahlul Halli wal Aqdi (the consultative council). The Apostles were shown by divine revelations. The Caliphs (Khulafaur Rashidin) were shown by the Hadiths and the Ahlul Halli wal Aqdi. The Mujaddids (reformers) were and are shown by the Hadiths and divine inspirations. Saul (Tholut) and Alexander the Great (Zulkarnain) were shown by divine revelations. Muhammad Al Fateh was shown by the Hadiths and divine inspirations. The second coming of Prophet Isa or Jesus is shown by the Quran and Hadiths. Al Mahdi is shown by the Hadiths and divine inspirations. The Prince of Bani Tamim is also shown by the Hadiths and divine inspirations. There were also minor leaders who were saints and pious people whose birth and leadership were shown by divine inspirations.

The Caliphs or Allah’s representatives do not become leaders through the process of elections or counting of votes. In fact, they do not go through any specific method. They are accepted by the people around them because of their worship, their taqwa (fear of Allah), their exemplary character, knowledge, sacrifices, leadership, services to the society and their contribution towards the community. Even if non-Muslims do not convert to Islam, they still accept and love them and their leadership. These leaders are accepted by the hearts of people and not by votes or the show of hands. That is how Allah appoints His people.

2. Leaders chosen by Allah are given knowledge through divine revelations or divine inspirations or knowledge that goes direct to their hearts (laduni).

Divine revelations are only for the Apostles and the Prophets whereas leaders who are not Apostles and Prophets are given divine inspirations (ilham). Divine inspirations give new meaning to the interpretation and understanding relating to divine revelations (Quran) and the laws of Allah (shariah).

Every Mujaddid (reformer) brings divine inspirations of his own which form his mind or his thoughts, which is knowledge that is relevant and suitable for his time and era. His mind is knowledge which is new and different from those existing and those before it. His mind however is not a new teaching neither is it a new set of laws and regulations. It does not change divine revelations but expounds it and gives it a new understanding, meaning and dimension relevant to its particular era. Continue reading

The Party of ALLAH (I): HIZBULLAH – in the TRUE meaning

In Islam, and as contained in the Quran, Allah had clearly and firmly introduced the party of Islam with the title “Hizbullah” which means the Party of Allah.


~ The Party of ALLAH never follows the Western secular political system a.k.a Democracy & Election ~

Which in turn means that, Islam requires all its followers to be in such a party that is the Party of Allah. Not the party that follow the Western secular political system.

This is stated in the following verses:

Which means: “Verily, your leader is none other that Allah, His Messenger and the believers – those who perform as solah (prayers) and give zakah (tithes) and those who bow and submit themselves to Allah. And whosoever takes Allah, His Messenger and those who believe as their leaders, they are the party of Allah and they will be victorious.“ (Al Maidah: 55-56)

The Prophet, peace be upon him (pbuh) also firmly said that Muslims are obligated to be in a party. He said:

Meaning: “It is obligatory that you be with a jamaah (party), verily Allah’s hand (help) is with the jamaah (party).”

This next Hadith of the Prophet explains in detail the meaning of “the party”:

Meaning: “There will always be a toifah (group) among my followers that will be able to manifest the truth and they would be invincible before those who qppose them until the command from Allah comes.” (Narrated by Al Bukhari and Muslim)

The criteria of that party, jamaah or toifah which is said as the Party of Allah was also mentioned by the Prophet (pbuh) as follows

Meaning: “Being in a jamaah (party) is a blessing and being divided is a torment.” (Narrated by Al Baihaqi)

In observing and analysing the Party of Allah which was established by the Prophet (pbuh), the four ‘Caliphs’ (Khulafaur Rashidin), the Mujaddids (reformers) and other promised leaders of the truth, we could clearly see the criteria or characteristics of the party or group (jamaah) or ‘toifah’ or ‘hizbullah’ as mentioned above.

I would like to summarise these characteristics so that Muslims can form a party or a group (jamaah) of their own which is fit to be called the party of Allah or the Islamic Party or the party of the truth. At the very least, they could use the characteristics to determine whether any particular party or group that exist today is true or false. If possible we can search out the party which fulfils the exact characteristics of the party of Allah so that we can join it and be its followers.


~ Democracy based on election is a dirty political system & UnISLAMIC ~

I would like to emphasise that the difference between the Party of Allah and the secular party of Western Politics is like heaven and earth. Even though there are some groups who name their party as an Islamic party, but without the proper criteria and characteristics, they are not and cannot be deemed as the Party of Allah. Their principles, techniques, methods, characteristics, approach, objective, and everything else are so different from that of Islamic politics, as different as night is to day. Continue reading

Pak Harto dalam kenangan (II): Berubah secara Spiritual pada 1993 ?

BILA Presiden Soeharto mengumumkan kabinet barunya, ‘Kabinet Pembangunan VI’, pada 17 Maret 1993 dengan mu­qaddimahnya dibaca “Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim”, ini sangat mengejutkan dunia. Tentunya ini akan menjadi se­jarah yang penting dan besar bagi dunia. Kabinet iman dan taqwa, tentu boleh dikatakan begitu, telah mem­buat ramai orang tertanya-tanya siapa di belakang Soe­harto? Dan mengapa dia jadi begitu?


Kita selaku orang Islam, juga seorang yang ikut serta berjuang, sangat bersyukur pada Tuhan akan taqdir-Nya ini. Bagi pejuang-pejuang Islam Indonesia, Malaysia dan antarabangsa umumnya, sikap Pak Harto secara langsung atau tidak, sangat membantu perjuangan suci ini.

Kami, rakyat yang beragama Islam sesungguhnya sudah lama merindukan seorang ketua negara yang mau sen­yum pada apa yang kami lakukan untuk Islam. Moga-moga ALLAH di belakang bapak terhadap apa jua kebaikan yang bapak perjuangkan. Juga terhadap khianat-khianat musuh yang mau menyusahkan bapak.

Di sini artikel lama ini ingin memberitahu umat Islam yang tertanya-tanya mengapa terjadi perubahan besar pada diri Bapak Presiden Soeharto dan kepada anggota-anggota kabinetnya. Moga-moga andaian-andaian ini benar dengan izin ALLAH:

1. Selaku seorang yang terpilih untuk mengetuai sebuah negara besar kepada 180 juta manusia, 150 juta darinya adalah beragama Islam, Presiden Soeharto tentu bu­kannya sebarang orang. Kita yakin tentu dia bijak orang­nya. Berani dan bercita-cita. Luas pengetahuannya serta ba­nyak pengalaman dan kuat keyakinan.

Ciri-ciri inilah yang telah memberanikan dirinya untuk mengubah arus, mem­buat kejutan dengan kabinet barunya itu dan lain-lain per­ubahan. Ini zaman Islam bangkit dari Timur. Tentu Pak Harto tahu. Sedangkan bekas Perdana Menteri Singapura yang bukan Islam pun tahu, inikan seorang Presiden yang beragama Islam. Sementara, Indonesia itu se­bagian dari Timur. Pak Harto tentu bangga dengan kebangkitan dan kejayaan agama yang jadi anutannya itu.

Ya, Islam agama Pak Harto dan agama kita, sedang bangkit di Timur. Khabar ini sangat masyhur. Tentu sudah jadi perbincangan ulama-ulama dan orang kiri kanan Pak Harto. Ya, Pak Harto bijak karena di zaman Islam akan berdaulat, dia menyiapkan dirinya untuk menerima Islam. Dia mau menyelaraskan jadual perjuangannya dengan Jadual ALLAH. Perjuangan ini tentu akan berjaya karena ia telah dijanji­kan (dijadualkan).

Jangan-jangan puncak kebangkitan itu berlaku di tangan Presiden Indonesia ini. Kiranya tidak, karena faktor umurnya [artikel ini ditulis tahun1993*], tentu Pak Harto ingin juga punya saham, yakni dengan membuka dan memberi jalan kepa­da generasi akan datang untuk menjayakan kebangkitan ini. Dengan itu, moga-moga ia menjadi amal jariah dan namanya tercatat sebagai pemerintah yang adil serta men­dapat pahala yang besar di Akhirat nanti dan layak untuk ke Syurga ALLAH.

2. Selaku seorang Presiden, Pak Harto tentu juga tahu apa yang sedang dan sudah terjadi kepada rakan2 sejawat dengannya [Presiden dan Perdana Menteri] di se­luruh dunia. Umumnya nasib presiden-presiden dan per­dana menteri di hujung-hujung pemerintahannya sangat malang. Seorang yang bijak tentu mau menempah khus­nul khatimah.

Maka di umur tuanya, Presiden Soeharto lalu dapat menguasai dirinya untuk bebas dari belenggu nafsu; menyerah diri pada kehendak ALLAH. Sebab seorang yang berpaut pada ALLAH saja yang mungkin selamat di hujung umurnya. Dan seorang Presiden yang dapat me-nempatkan dirinya di hati rakyat saja yang akan didoakan keselama­tannya oleh rakyat secara sukarela. Rakyat pun tentu dapat memaafkan, kiranya ada kesilapan-kesilapan yang berlaku semasa pemerintahan Bapak. [ saat ini kita sama2 melihat bukti akan andaian tulisan ini ].

3. Sebuah empire besar, Rusia, tiba-tiba jatuh di ku­run ini. Sebuah lagi bapak empire yaitu Amerika pun le­mah selepas menang tempur dengan Saddam Hussein. Ko­munis dan bapak kapitalis itu jatuh bila matahari Islam memancar. Seperti jatuhnya Rom dan Parsi oleh Muham­mad Rasulullah. Pertanda akan lahirnya Ratu Adil, Khali­fah Akhir Zaman, ialah matinya cahaya keja­hilan dari sumbernya. Karena melihat hebatnya kebangkitan ini, maka Pak Harto pun cepat menyalakan api kebenaran. Moga-moga bumi Indonesia terang bende­rang oleh pancaran kebenaran clan menempah sejarah ke­bangkitan akhir zaman di Timur seperti yang ALLAH jadualkan.

4. Berjuang dan berkorban sebelum Futtuh Makkah akan mendapat pahala dan darjat yang lebih besar daripada sesudahnya. Demikianlah maksud firman ALLAH:

Tidak sama mereka yang berbelanja (berkorban) dan berperang (berjuang) sebelum kemenangan (penaklukan Makkah); mereka lebill tinggi darjatnya dari orang-orang yang berkorban dan berjuang sesudahnya. (Al Hadid: 10)

Presiden Soeharto, karena yakin bahwa kebangkitan Is­lam itu telah dijadualkan oleh ALLAH, tentu ingin sekali memasukkan dirinya dalam daftar orang-orang awal yang akan menerima hadiah ALLAH. Yakni, bila disadari Islam akan berdaulat, terus berebut untuk menyertai kebangkit­an ini. Ertinya, beliau yakin dengan janji ALLAH (bahwa Islam bangkit dari Timur) di waktu presiden-presiden dan perdana menteri lain ramai yang tidak mempeduli dan me­raguinya, bahkan ada yang menentangnya. Lalu beliau berkorban untuk itu, walaupun kebangkitan itu belum me­muncak, demi menguatkan Islam dan umatnya sekalipun risikonya berat. Maka nanti terjadilah kemenangan besar atas pengorbanan dan perjuangan yang sama-sama disum­bangkan seperti yang ALLAH jadualkan.

Dengan itu akan masuklah nama Presiden Soeharto dalam daftar orang-orang awal yang berjuang dan berkcr­ban di jalan ALLAH di akhir zaman, lalu layak untuk me­nerima darjat dan pahala yang sungguh besar, insya­ALLAH di dunia dan di Akhirat.

Rasulullah mengingatkan:

Orang yang paling cerdik ialah orang yang paling banyak mengingati mati dan bersungguh-sungguh membuat per­siapan untuknya.


5. Pak Harto percaya pada ilmu-­ilmu batin perihal orang Indonesia khususnya Jawa. Me­reka meyakini akan satu kabar dari kitab Babad Tanah Jawi yang mengatakan, di Nusantara ini akan terbentuk masya­rakat yang adil dan makmur setelah melalui tiga proses kepemimpinan.

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Pak Harto dalam kenangan (I): Pak Harto ikut Jadwal Allah


~ In memoriam pak Harto, selaku pemimpin negara beliau juga imam kepada kabinetnya. Maka Apabila sebuah istana terbuka pintunya untuk menerima iman, lalu berubahlah seluruh rakyat dan negaranya ~

Link : Jadual Allah

Pak Harto Naik Lagi, Selamat Jalan Pak Harto..

Membaca Jadual Allah untuk ummat Islam maka kita akan terjumpa satu agenda yang berbunyi :

” Akan berlaku di akhir zaman, Islam muncul dari bumi sebelah Timur”

(Hadis Rasulullah SAW dipetik dari kitab Sababul Inhithath Al Muslimin karangan Sayid Hassan Ali An Nadawi)

Sejak wafatnya baginda Rasulullah hinggalah ke hari ini, orang-orang alim dan beriman sentiasa mencari-cari dan menunggu-nunggu kapan terjadinya jadual itu. Orang-orang Mukmin mengharap biarlah terjadi kebangkitan itu di za­man dan di tangan mereka. Namun terbukti bahawa ianya belum pernah terjadi sebelum ini, walaupun sudah ramai umat Islam dari Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Indonesia dan lain-lain tempat yang mencoba agar terjadi di tangan mereka.

Perihal Jadual ALLAH ini, ia pasti terjadi. Tidak akan ALLAH dan Rasul berbohong dan mungkir janji. Kita tidak boleh mengesampingkan Hadis yang sangat masyhur ini. Bahkan orang-orang Yahudi dan kristian pun sangat yakin dengan ungkapan agung ini, masakan umat Islam pula meragui­nya.

Pak Harto, Presiden Indonesia [saat artikel ini ditulis*], ketua kepada 180 juta manusia, tahu dan yakin akan khabar gembira [bu­syro] untuk umat Islam ini. Dan lagi pula cuaca du­nia akhir-akhir ini, terutama di awal kurun ke-15 Hijrah ini, seperti berbunga dan berbau Islam.

Menteri Keuangan Malaysia [saat artikel ini ditulis *], Anwar Ibrahim sejak dulu-dulu lagi selalu melaung-laungkan: “Zaman ini, the rising tide of Islam.” Lee Kuan Yew, bekas PM Singapura itu pun, sekali­pun bukan Islam tetapi beliau nampak tanda-tanda ke­banjiran kebangkitan Islam akan melanda dunia. “la tidak dapat dibendung lagi,” katanya.

Prediksi beberapa tokoh hampir-hampir menjadi ken­yataan, bahawa Islam bangkit di Timur. Antara yang mem­buat prediksi mengenai potensi bumi sebelah Timur itu ialah:

1. Dr. Abdul Sallam Harras, pensyarah Universitas Qa­rawiyyin, Maghribi. Beliau pernah berkata kepada rombo­ngan Pendakwah dari Malaysia yang menziarahi rumahnya, “Islam akan bangkit kembali bermula dari kamu (Timur).”

2. Malik Bennabi, – penulis terkenal Algeria. Katanya: “Selepas Perang Dunia Kedua, Islam akan berpusat di Asia Tenggara. Bukan lagi berpusat di Makkah, Mesir, Turki atau Yaman Selatan.”

3. Judith Nagata, penulis Amerika. Menurutnya, “Islam tidak bangkit lagi di Timur Tengah.”

4. Asy Syahid Hassan Al Banna pernah berkata, “Ke­kuasaan dunia dipegang secara bergilir-gilir oleh manusia Timur dan Barat. Mula-mula bangsa Qibti [Timur] berkua­sa. Kemudian ia dikalahkan oleh bangsa Yunani [Barat]. Bangsa Yunani dikalahkan oleh orang-orang Parsi [Timur]. Parsi kemudiannya dikalahkan oleh Rom [Barat]. Rom kemudiannya dikalahkan oleh bangsa Arab/Islam [Timur]. Se­telah itu kekuatan Islam mula merosot, dan pihak Barat pula mengambil alih kuasa dunia.”

Berdasarkan sifir Hasan Al Banna ini, dan melihat pada suasana dunia hari ini yang memperlihatkan Barat sedang menuju kehancuran, maka Timurlah yang akan meng­ambil alih kekuasaan dunia dari tangan Barat.

5. Mahmud Bajanji; bekas Perdana Menteri Iraq. Per­nah beliau berkata di satu majlis, “Semua bangsa yang me­meluk agama Islam telah mengalami zaman keemasan. Ke­cuali bangsa ini [sambil menunjuk wakil Indonesia]. Saya yakin bangsa inilah [Melayu] di belakang hari yang akan memimpin dunia Islam.”

6. Nostradamus, Futurist Perancis berketuru­nan Yahudi yang terkenal itu, pun pernah meramalkan mengenai kemunculan seorang penyelamat akhir zaman di Timur.


“The long awaited one will never come into Europe; instead he will appear in Asia… He will dominate over all the Rulers of the Orient.”

“Tokoh yang sekian lama dinanti-nanti ti­dak akan muncul di Eropa, sebaliknya dia akan muncul di Asia… Dia akan menguasai semua pemerintah di Ti­mur.”

7. Joyoboyo, kitab Babad Tanah Jawi, memberitakan bahawa In­donesia [Timur] akan menjadi negeri “gemah ripah loh ji­nawi” (adil dan makmur), “subur kang sarwa tinandur mu­rah kang sarwa tinuku” (yang ditanam subur dan barang-­barang bisa dibeli dengan harga murah). Ini berlaku selepas Nusantara mengalami tiga proses kepimpinan iaitu:


a. Satria Kinunjara – satria yang membebaskan umat Islam dari penjajahan.

b. Satria Mukti Wibawa – satria yang penuh dengan wibawa.

c. Satria Piningit – satria yang disimpan oleh Tuhan dan merupakan orang kanan Ratu Adil (Imam Mahdi). Jika disesuaikan dengan hadis, ‘satria piningit’ yang dimaksudkan itu adalah Pemuda Bani Tamim. Continue reading


~ Dalam Islam, sesungguhnya Allah telah melengkapkan segala sesuatu hal untuk menguruskan dunia ini. Dengan mengirimkan Rasulullah sebagai suri tauladan terbaik. Termasuklah ISO AKHLAK International yang sudahpun ada dalam pengajian2 Tasawuf yang dibawa oleh syeikh2 Tarikat dan Sufi tingkat dunia ~


Posting ini adalah sebuah kembara yang saya dapat dari sebuah pengajian sufi, melalui beberapa sifat yang diajarkan para syeikh sufi tingkat dunia untuk menempuh istiqamah, makarimul akhlaq dan perpaduan bangsa dalam merealisasikan ISO Akhlak International.


Sifat setia ini con­tohnya:

Jika kita meminjam sesuatu dari orang lain maka wajib kita memulangkannya sesegera mungkin tanpa melengah­-lengahkan waktu demi menanamkan rasa saling percaya-mem­percayai antara satu sama lain dalam masyarakat, ini mesti dilakukan tanpa bertangguh, lupa maupun leka. Jangan sampai tercatat pada dirimu sikap suka melengah­-lengah membayar hutang misalnya.

Kita juga mesti menjaga adab pergaulan dengan saudara-­saudara seperjuangan, memelihara janji-janji mereka, janji-janji dengan rakan taulan setiap masa.

Peliharalah juga hubungan kita dengan mereka sebaik mung­kin, perasaan kasih terhadap mereka turut dijaga jangan sampai berkurang, sedapat-dapatnya senantiasalah berbuat baik dengan mereka semua.

Memelihara janji dan mengekalkan rasa-rasa ini sepanjang masa mestilah diusahakan sedapat mungkin kerana semua ini sebenarnya merupakan sebagian dari kesetiaan janji dan ketaatanmu kepada Allah. Inilah juga ibadah dan penyembah­anmu kepada Allah dalam tiap gerak diammu apabila engkau terus istiqamah melaksanakan amalanmu dan tetap di atas keazamanmu kerana Allah.

Di situlah kita nanti dihadiahkan Allah Taala satu kurniaan yang dijanjikan dalam firman-Nya:

Maksudnya: “Dan bagi mereka yang berjihad pada jalan Kami pasti Kami akan tunjukkan mereka jalan Kami.” (Al Ankabut: 69)


Dan satu lagi antara sifat setia yang paling agung itu ialah apabila dapat melupakan saja kebaikan kita pada manusia dan sen­antiasa mengingat pula kebaikan-kebaikan mereka pada kita. Ingatlah kebaikanmu pada mereka tidak sia-sia dan janganlah pula kebaikan mereka padamu dilupakan kerana di situ ada anugerah dari Allah Taala.

Sepertimana yang disabdakan oleh junjungan mulia Nabi kita SAW:

Maksudnya “Amal-amal makruf dapat menghindar nasib malang “


Sifat yang kedua ialah khauf [takut]. Sesungguhnya dengan banyak takut pada Allah itu dapat membawa kita ke jalan keselamatan dan istiqamah. Senantiasalah bimbang dan sedarlah atas nama Allah dengan keyakinan yang sebenarnya bahwa Dia sentiasa melihat dan memantaumu, Dia sentiasa bersama dan menga­wasimu dalam tiap patah perkataan, perbuatan, gerak dan diam, tidur dan jaga, bersendirian maupun ramai.

Kalau engkau sadari itu apakah masih mau lagi menyandar harapanmu pada makhluk, masihkah mahu meminta pada mereka sedangkan engkau tahu bahwa zaman ini telah rusak, manusianya pun rusak tujuan hidup, kecenderungan dan hanya mementingkan diri semata-mata?!

Mampukah kita untuk merdeka dari cengkaman korupsi yang ditukar dengan istilah-istilah yang nampak baik sepertimana dapat disaksikan zaman sekarang? Tambahan pula mereka yang menyogok itu bukan memberi karena kasih-sayang, bukan juga bermotif saudara seagama dan bukan juga kerana semangat patriotik tapi semata-mata untuk merealisasikan keinginan mereka yang rusak atau untuk merampas hak orang lain.

Dalam diri kita masing-masing, cuma ada sekeping hati yang hanya akan takut kepada Allah atau takut kepada manusia, tak mungkin dua perasaan takut yang berbeda itu dapat berhimpun dalam sekeping hati.


Sifat ketiga yang dapat membuka jalan menuju kesempurnaan insan adalah sabar. Membalas kejahatan orang padamu dengan kebaikan hingga nanti setiap yang memusuhimu akhirnya mengakui kelebihan, kebaikan dan keagungan peribadimu. Continue reading


~ From Ibnu Umar r.a. that Rasulullah (pbuh), whilst holding the hand of Sayidina Ali, said: “It will emerge from this sulbi (basis of descendance), a man who will fill the earth with justice. And so, when you are convinced of such, you must endeavour to be with the Prince of Bani Tamim. Verily he comes from the East and he is the holder of the standards of Al Mahdi.” (Narrated by At-Tabrani)

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Most people know about the predictions of Nostradamus (a French Jew) concerning the coming of a saviour that he mentioned as “the man with the blue turban”. A Dutch writer, G. H. Brill wrote in his book The First Encyclopaedia of Islam (1913) about the rise of Islam from the East by someone he called “the standard bearer of Mahdi”. And in an ancient and famous Javanese book known as Babad Tanah Jawa, there is mention about the coming of one “Ratu Adil” (Al Mahdi) and “Satria Piningit” (The Prince of Bani Tamim) who will govern NUSANTARA Archipelago with pure Islamic teachings. Continue reading



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POLITICS Today [WESTERN political system] is Totally UnISLAMIC…!?

~ Today Muslims generally practise politics that is totally unIslamic. But to them, that is the only politics they know. They use unIslamic politics [western political system] to uphold and struggle for an Islamic nation ~

In the Muslim world today, the term ‘politics’ is always understood as Western politics. This is because in giving its definition, they seek reference to the West. They no longer refer this vital matter to Islam itself, i.e. the Quran and the Prophet’s sunnah (traditions). And this ignorance prevails among the Muslim scholars, theologians and Islamic fighters alike. To them, the only politics they understand is Western politics and its democratic electoral system.

When we ask Muslim political activists, “why do you get involved in the dirty Western politics?” They will usually answer, “we don’t have any choice”.

They indirectly allege that Islam does not have its own politics! That Islam does not have its own system.

Though they acknowledge that the teachings of Islam are complete and all compassing, their acts nevertheless prove otherwise.

They act as if Islam does not have its own way of doing politics. Verily, the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him (pbuh) himself had shown us the way. He was born at the time when the world was controlled by a barbaric political system of the age of ignorance. But he did not get involved in it. Without excuses, he strove to implement Islamic politics, and in doing so, destroyed the established nonsensical ignorant political system. Continue reading