1. The complete Islamic way of life

There is truth in the party meaning there is a complete Islamic way of life. Established in the party are the Islamic system of economy, Islamic social system and other Islamic systems in health, welfare system, Islamic information, motivation and communication, agriculture and systems in other aspects of life whether at the level of party, state, nation or even up to the level of an empire. All these are based on the Islamic shariah and are guided by faith (iman).


Bandar Country Homes, Rawang, Selangor, Malaysia : A Model of Islamic City

2. Human and material development

The difference between the party of Allah and that which is not is that in the party of Allah, there exist both material and human development. Like a steelyard, both are in complete balance. These are the factors that result in peace, prosperity and the forgiveness of Allah in the party because the physical development is owned and carried out by good people who are spiritually developed and virtuous. They are able to uphold the shariah or laws of Allah and the traditions of the Prophet in every aspect of life. They are able to manifest and practise Islam in real life, not only in their minds which are only theoretical and grossly impractical. This cannot be done unless they have the strength, power and energy derived from human and spritual development.

3. Its influence is universal

The influence of the party of Allah is universal. Its followers are of various races and they come from many countries. The way of the party can fulfil and satisfy the needs of all Muslims who love the truth regardless of their race and origin. It can fulfil their innate and inborn nature; whereby such nature is common to all humans no matter what their race and ethnic are. If a party comprise members and supporters of only one race from one country or of only one group or profession, may they be youths, scholars, clerics, farmers, labourers, literary people, businessmen and so on, then it is not the party of Allah because it is then exclusive and not universal.

4. Universal unity

In Allah’s party, there is universal unity or unity of the ummah. In other words, the party of Allah is where people from around the world unite, and they practise the same system and way of life. Everyone is bound by Allah’s laws. This is what Allah meant by the decree:

Meaning: “Holdfast all of you together to the rope of Allah, and do not be divided among yourselves.” (Ali Imran: 103)

The party that practises the laws of Allah is liken to a rope which whoever holds on to it would be joined together to one source of reference that is Allah. That is what is called unity.

5. Own system of livelihood

The party of Allah does not depend on its enemies for its system of life and its livelihood. It not only is able to patronise its members but can also support other people including the non-Muslims. In fact the whole world muslims and non-muslims alike once submitted to Islam under the Prophet (pbuh) and the Caliphs (Khulafaur Rashidin). This means the party of Allah is a place where people come for shelter and a place to refer concerning various aspects of life including education, finance, problems in life, news and whatever, even for the Non-Muslims. Allah gives the party strength so much so it does not need to beg from others. Even the Non-Muslims happily depend on the party on their own accord.

6. Own strength

The party of Allah, even if it has not reached the level of a government, but it is like a small government within a bigger government. It is like a small system within a bigger system. And it cannot be limited or contained by the bigger government because it has its own strength. Usually, the bigger government is afraid of it because of its great influence. But there are governments which accept it because of its potential and the truth that it brings.

7. Those who love truly love, those who hate truly hate

Those who love the party of Allah truly love it and those who hate it, truly abhor it. As such, people will be divided into two clear categories that is one that honour and praise it and one that belittle and oppress it. When this happens, then the truth and false will be clearly seen and it will be easy for the community to judge, to make their choice and to take sides. That is Allah’s way and wisdom in categorising and separating His servants.

8. Invincible to its enemies

No matter how terrible and severe the hate and oppression by the enemies; even in the battlefield, but the party of Allah can never be destroyed. Although with followers who are illdisciplined like that which happened in the battle of Uhud where the party of Allah lost, the party will still prevail. The party of God cannot be destroyed whether in a real war or in a cold war. Maybe its physical side can be injured and damaged but its faith and shariah cannot be destroyed. More so, the party cannot be dissolved or banned. It also cannot be broken up or divided by enemies who infiltrate. Their enemies cannot deceive or fool the party because it has strong protection. Its strength is esoteric and spiritual in nature. That is why it cannot be physically damaged. Its strength is based on faith (iman) and commitment. It is the enemies who will be thrown into disarray and deceived until they lose and fall. The party of Allah will end up victorious.

9. The party is wealthy but members are poor

Every achievement in material development within the party is achieved through the sacrifices of its members who love to live in poverty. In order to enrich the party, individual members are willing to be poor. And when the party is rich, it is the members themselves who enjoy its patronage and bounty.

This is what is called shared blessings and sustenance and it is not scrutinised (hisab) in the Hereafter as opposed to individual wealth and expenditure which is subject to scrutiny in the field of Mahshar in the Hereafter. That is how Allah’s party rise and develop. A method that is safe and full of salvation. Individuals do not have anything but strangely their every need is fulfilled.

10. Mysterious assistance

Since the party of Allah belongs to Allah, He consistently gives it mysterious assistance. If the leader of the party is an Apostle, then the assistance would be in the form of Mukjizat (divine miracle power). If the leader is a saint, then the assistance would be in the form of Karamah (divine power). At the very least, the leader of the party of Allah will be assisted in the form of Maunah (mystical or divine help). Mukjizat or Karamah can either be in a physical or spiritual or mystical form.

If all physical efforts are exhausted in helping or saving the party, then Allah will sent His mysterious, mystical and invisible forces. The assistance can be in the form of information, knowledge, strategy, methods, sustenance and other forces whether by wahyu (divine revelations), ilham (divine inspirations), true dreams, deja vu, kasyaf (mystical senses), yaqazah (physical contact with the mystical world), hatif (mystical hearing), firasat (clairvoyance) and so on. When Allah has sent His assistance, no one can oppose it. That is why the party of Allah will surely win.

11. The Non-Muslims accept and give their cooperation

Because of the goodness and truth portrayed and the success in human and material development, the non-Muslims become aligned and accept the presence of the party of Allah. Eventhough some of them may not be willing to convert to Islam but they are happy to submit, cooperate and to help the party of Allah. They are called the Zimmy of the party or in case of the nation, the Zimmy of the nation. They acknowledge the greatness and the truth of Islam and are loyal to its leader. Only they are not willing to change their belief. The Zimmies are protected by the party of Allah.

12. Its rise is unexpected

The way the party of Allah extend its wings to national and universal levels is so pure and genuine. It is not through war or rebellion or contending in the election process, but through a very unusual and unexpected way. There is a shift in the hearts of people to miss and love and to long for a just leader and for a life with a balanced human and material development. They ask to be sheltered under the party of Allah. If the party of Allah is forced to go to war, it is only because of the opposition from enemy groups or rulers whose power and personal interests are affected and threatened if the party of Allah were to come to power. These are the groups and the people who will start the war. They are mostly tyrants and oppressors. But the hearts of the common people are with the party of truth. That is why the enemies are easily defeated because their own people not only do not support them but they hate them. The rise of the Party of Allah is welcomed by the non-Muslims. This was why the empire of Islam could rule over three quarters of the world in the time of the caliphs.

13. Members must have Taqwa (fear of Allah)

Whenever members of the party lose their taqwa (fear of Allah), are not serious in their worship, misbehave, do not sacrifice and do not strive to uphold Allah’s laws; the strength of the party will dwindle and fade. Its strength and charisma depends wholly on the taqwa of its followers.

Such are the criterias of the Party of Allah. It brings blessings and victory to the Muslim community. It is not an election based political party, which brings nothing but enmity and factionation. Political parties based on democracy and elections, if they say they strive for Islam, they are utterly mistaken and confused. They are in actual fact secular Islamic parties. The difference between them and the party of Allah is like the heaven and the earth. Secular Islamic parties are solidly based on ideology whether they realise it or not. They operate on the basis of secularism and not religion. The Muslim community must be ready to correct this confusion and deception as regards to politics. In Islam, there are parties which do politics but not on the platform of the infidels and the enemies of Islam i.e. through democracy and elections.

The party of Allah has its own platform which is founded by the Muslims themselves based on the Islamic tenets. Islamic politics has nothing to do and cannot be confused with the Western political system. The fast remains, a secular party cannot be Islamic and an Islamic party cannot be secular

One is the exact opposite of the other.Just like any other system in Islam, may it be the system of economy, education, health, information, social, agriculture, and so on, they are built on the Islamic base and foundation. The same thing applies to Islamic politics. It has its own base and foundation within the framework of Islam.

Could the party of Allah attain power in a multiracial nation? This is the question that is often asked by people who are inclined towards the dirty Western politics. The answer is YES, by the will of Allah! This was clearly proven by the formation of the Islamic country and empire in thehands of the Salafussoleh (Pious people of early Islam). The people under their rule were both multiracial and multireligious. That is the right and most accurate path. If we follow their footsteps, with the will and benevolence of Allah, we not only can attain a nation but we can also become an empire, to take the place of America. Ameen!



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