The Party of Allah (III) – The Criteria of The FOLLOWERs

1. Normally members of the party of Allah are small in number but they possess quality and are greatly influential. Only their sympathisers are many. Perhaps because of the stringent requirement to be a member, many cannot qualify. The wisdom is that Allah wants to present Himself and show His greatness that His party, although small, is able to defeat their opponents of greater numbers. This will verify Allah’s decree

Meaning: “How often a small group overcame a mighty host by Allah’s will? And Allah is with those who are patient?” (Surah Al Baqarah: 249)

Or at least, it is easier to uphold the complete and all encompassing Islamic way of life in a smaller party compared to a big one with Allah’s permission.

2. The levels of people who make up the party come from various groups and professions. There are farmers, undergraduates, judges, lawyers, businessmen, politicians, policemen, soldiers, civil servants, artists, clerics, millionaires, ministers and so on. Most of them are full time members, working in accordance to their skills and expertise.

3. Members of the party of Allah who are distributed in nations all around the world are similar and uniform in their thinking, character, identity, behaviour and in the way they struggle. They conform to each other as though they are of one father and mother even though some of them do not know and have never met each other because they live too far apart. This happens because the upbringing and education comes from one source, which flow through the established channels to every nook and corner wherever the members are around the world.


~ men-equal, picture courtesy of Heliconia ~

4. The ties of brotherhood between the followers is akin to a closely arranged set of bricks that make up a wall. There is no way and it is very difficult for the enemy to infiltrate and penetrate without being noticed. Their hospitality and love, the feeling of togetherness, cooperation, helping each other is clearly apparent, which is the result of emulating their leader. And it is also because brotherhood and fraternity is made the second basis of strength of the party after faith. These are the unique characteristics of those who practice Sufism. Their hearts are tied together and are held by the leader (guru). The ropes that tie them together are faith, brotherhood and fraternity, which are the fruits of zikr (contemplation in the remembrance of God). This cannot be done by contemporary clerics, scholars or theologians and other leaders.

5. The general criteria of the followers of the party of Allah is described as follows: They are monks by night and lions by day
. They do not abandon the worldly nor do they abandon the Hereafter. Both the worldly and the Hereafter are kept in exact balance. Both are non-separable and one compliments and strengthens the other.

6. The followers of the party of Allah, even though they do not have any power or authority over a state or nation, they are self-reliant
. In every aspect of their life, they do not depend on others, let alone upon the enemies of Islam. The political leaders of their time are usually jealous, spiteful and are suspicious towards them. They do not work to earn salary with the un-Islamic system except for a small number of them who do so for strategic reasons. They have a complete Islamic way of life, which provide jobs for the party members. Even then, they do not work for the salary but mostly to fill the requirement of the struggle in the way of Allah. The party provides sustenance which is called “maash” for their livelihood. Some of them earn their own upkeep.

7. Members of the party of Allah practise the Islamic shariah or the Islamic way of life in accordance to the traditions of the Prophet with zeal
. They are eager to practice the Prophet’s traditions from the smallest to the biggest ones. From matters related to the individual to social matters. They dress uniformly following the way of the Prophet (pbuh). While the women emulate the way the wives of the Prophet dress which were big and loose, and covering parts of their bodies which should be covered in accordance to the shariah


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