The Party of ALLAH (I): HIZBULLAH – in the TRUE meaning

In Islam, and as contained in the Quran, Allah had clearly and firmly introduced the party of Islam with the title “Hizbullah” which means the Party of Allah.


~ The Party of ALLAH never follows the Western secular political system a.k.a Democracy & Election ~

Which in turn means that, Islam requires all its followers to be in such a party that is the Party of Allah. Not the party that follow the Western secular political system.

This is stated in the following verses:

Which means: “Verily, your leader is none other that Allah, His Messenger and the believers – those who perform as solah (prayers) and give zakah (tithes) and those who bow and submit themselves to Allah. And whosoever takes Allah, His Messenger and those who believe as their leaders, they are the party of Allah and they will be victorious.“ (Al Maidah: 55-56)

The Prophet, peace be upon him (pbuh) also firmly said that Muslims are obligated to be in a party. He said:

Meaning: “It is obligatory that you be with a jamaah (party), verily Allah’s hand (help) is with the jamaah (party).”

This next Hadith of the Prophet explains in detail the meaning of “the party”:

Meaning: “There will always be a toifah (group) among my followers that will be able to manifest the truth and they would be invincible before those who qppose them until the command from Allah comes.” (Narrated by Al Bukhari and Muslim)

The criteria of that party, jamaah or toifah which is said as the Party of Allah was also mentioned by the Prophet (pbuh) as follows

Meaning: “Being in a jamaah (party) is a blessing and being divided is a torment.” (Narrated by Al Baihaqi)

In observing and analysing the Party of Allah which was established by the Prophet (pbuh), the four ‘Caliphs’ (Khulafaur Rashidin), the Mujaddids (reformers) and other promised leaders of the truth, we could clearly see the criteria or characteristics of the party or group (jamaah) or ‘toifah’ or ‘hizbullah’ as mentioned above.

I would like to summarise these characteristics so that Muslims can form a party or a group (jamaah) of their own which is fit to be called the party of Allah or the Islamic Party or the party of the truth. At the very least, they could use the characteristics to determine whether any particular party or group that exist today is true or false. If possible we can search out the party which fulfils the exact characteristics of the party of Allah so that we can join it and be its followers.


~ Democracy based on election is a dirty political system & UnISLAMIC ~

I would like to emphasise that the difference between the Party of Allah and the secular party of Western Politics is like heaven and earth. Even though there are some groups who name their party as an Islamic party, but without the proper criteria and characteristics, they are not and cannot be deemed as the Party of Allah. Their principles, techniques, methods, characteristics, approach, objective, and everything else are so different from that of Islamic politics, as different as night is to day.

Even though it is difficult to find the party of Allah in this era, we cannot strive and struggle to uphold Islam through secular politics on the platform of democracy with the excuse that we have no choice. If we still do it, that is if we use secular politics to confront Western secular politics (the end justifying the means), in order to uphold Islam, then we will never be able to defeat the enemy. Only the Party of Allah is able to overcome the Western secular party which is totally unIslamic as well as being anti Islam.


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