This is the last era that is promised by Allah. With the will of Allah, the resplendence of Islam from the East in this last era will be a repetition of the first resplendence, and the first empire of Islam. It is promised. It is within the power of Allah to make the East the foundation of the second empire of Islam (ummah) similar to the way Allah chose Mecca and Medina to be the foundation for the first empire of Islam.

It is clear that the last era mentioned in the Hadith is somewhere around the 15th Hijriah century. And the East means the Malay Archipelago and in particular Malaysia, Indonesia and its surroundings. The revival of Islam in Malaysia is much more pronounced. This is based upon the Hadith which is concurred by the predictions of the soothsayers mentioned before this. The story goes as follows: At the time Islam is destroyed and devastated in the Malay World (East), there raised a man promised by Allah to reform and save His religion. He is of Quraish descent from the family line of Bani Tamim. But his Arab characteristic is very thin because Arabs who came to the East inter married with the locals (non Arabs). So it is little wonder the Prince of Bani Tamim does not look like an Arab.

As far as the Prince of Bani Tamim is concerned, the Prophet did not mention his line of descent but elaborated upon his physical traits, the characteristics of his struggle and his followers. That is why, in order to seek the promised Prince of Bani Tamim, we have to observe the style and methods of his struggle and not his line of descent.

He started his struggle with a small group or jamaah which later became big. The characteristics of his group or jamaah are very much similar to the jamaah of the Prophet. Its women wear dark loose dresses. Its men folk wear the long robe and turban. Followers of the group or jamaah are firmly united and integrated as though they are born of the same mother and father. Their ambitions and aspirations are high and strong. If they wish to flatten a mountain, they can surely do it. The Prophet (pbuh) said in a Hadith that the Angel Gabriel said.

Which means: “Allah Azzawajala gathered together his companions (Al Mahdi) the total of those who fought at Badar and the soldiers of Thalut (Saul) that is 313 men. They are like lions that emerge from the jungle. Their hearts are like steel. If they aspire to displace a mountain, they can surely do it. Their style is one and their dress is one as though their father is one.” (From the book Aqdud Durar fi Akhbar Al Muntazar 1985)

The Prince of Bani Tamim asked for goodness from the ruler of his country but it was not given. He and his followers carried on their struggle until the leadership of the country was handed over to him. This means the small group (jamaah) has grown to become an Islamic nation.

There is also a Hadith that says the leadership of the Prince of Bani Tamim is also accepted in Khurasan. The Hadith is issued by Al Hafiz Abu Nuaim.

Which means: From Sauban r.a., he said, Rasulullah said: “When you see the Black Pennon accepted in Khurasan, then go to it even if you have to crawl on snow. Verily, with it is the Caliph of Allah who is Al Mahdi.”

In another narration:

Which means: From Sauban r.a, who said, Rasulullah (pbuh) said: “When you see the Black Pennon from Khurasan, go to it. Verily with it is the Caliph of Allah who is Al Mahdi.” (Narrated by Ahmad)

The impossible has happened. Khurasan which was under the rule of communist Russia has gained its independence and the Eastern Islamic movement has been to the area. What is said in the Hadith is about to happen. How true is the saying of the Prophet.

When the Prince of Bani Tamim gets his Islamic nation, then a short while later (in the span of two years), Al Mahdi will emerge. His name and the name of both his father and mother is similar to the Prophet’s. His name is Muhammad bin Abdullah and his mother’s name is Aminah. In relation to Al Mahdi, the Prophet mentioned him as his descendant.

Therefore the factor of descent is important in the case of Al Mahdi because it is stated in the Hadith, unlike the Prince of Bani Tamim who is indicated by his physical traits and the characteristics of his struggle and of his followers. The Prince of Bani Tamim is close to Al Mahdi, much like Prophet Aaron was to the Apostle Moses. He hands over his nation to the Al Mahdi. The emergence of Al Mahdi and the surrender of the Black Pennon by the Prince of Bani Tamim to Al Mahdi is clearly mentioned in the Hadith. Al Mahdi will emerge in Mecca between Hajar Aswad (the black stone) and the shrine of Abraham (maqam Ibrahim) near the Kaaba. He will declare himself as the Al Mahdi while long before his emergence, the Prince of Bani Tamim has announced and publicised his appearance. The Prince of Bani Tamim knows the Al Mahdi very well. Here we realise that the emergence of the Al Mahdi must be preceded by the Prince of Bani Tamim. Otherwise, he is not the true Al Mahdi.

The handing over of his nation by the Prince of Bani Tamim to Imamul Mahdi is symbolised by the surrendering of the Black Pennon. The Black Pennon is merely a symbol. In actual fact it is a sword once owned by the Prophet who presented it to Sayidina Ali. The sword is named “Zulfakar”.

When the Al Mahdi rise to power, Islam will spread throug- hout the world. But a big portion of the world’s population will not embrace Islam until the emergence of the Apostle Isa (Jesus). After the emergence of Isa (Jesus), the whole world and all mankind will embrace Islam. Global peace will ensue under the governance of the three leaders namely:

i. The Prince of Bani Tamim – who will rule for almost two years

ii. The Imamul Mahdi – who will rule for about forty years

iii. And with the blessing of Allah, He sent the Apostle Isa (Jesus) who will confirm and authenticate Al Mahdi so that all mankind will embrace Islam. No one will question or reject Isa (Jesus) and when he accepts Al Mahdi, all mankind will follow to accept him and will embrace Islam. Mankind will be saved from the fires of Hell. That is the blessing of God for all mankind in the last era.

In the era of Imam Mahdi, war will occur six times. But it will be fought the traditional way; not the modern way with modern weaponry like in the Gulf War which destroyed mankind, buildings and life stock which had nothing to do with the war. It will only involve people who partake in the war, much like wars in the times of the Prophet. All the wars will be initiated by tyrannical rulers of Europe and the Middle East. Islam will be defeated in one and will be victorious in five of the wars.

History will repeat itself. We are fortunate because out of Allah’s love and benevolence, we are told about the future and things that will happen. So we can prepare ourselves.

Much like the events that will happen after death, in the Purgatory (Barzakh), in the Plain of Assembly (Mahshar), and in Heaven and Hell. Everything is told to us so that we will not regret. It is a great gain and benefit for those who are bestowed faith and belief of the mystical. It is a great loss for those who disbelief.

This second revival of Islam does not follow the system or process of political elections. Islam has its own system. The Prophet choose a different system from the system of his time to bring up and to raise Islam. He did it through dakwah (missionary work) and education using the divine revelations and the Hadith. His approach was through love, care, brotherhood and fraternity. When the hearts and minds of people are processed through divine revelations which are heartfelt and supreme, there will be an overall shift in the hearts and minds of people and of the society towards the truth and virtue that will bring about an Islamic nation followed by an Islamic Empire.

The Prince of Bani Tamim too closely emulates the Prophet’s style and methods of struggle. Because he is a promised leader indicated by the Hadith, he is guaranteed sustenance, divine inspirations and given divine powers (karamah) and mystical assistance that can help him revive a religion that is almost destroyed. As such he is able to build and uphold a true Islamic government similar to the governments of the Salafussoleh (the pious Muslims of early Islam) with the help and assistance of Allah. An Islamic leader who is not promised and who is not bestowed special help and assistance from Allah will not be able to achieve success like the promised leaders.

The question now is how does the Prince of Bani Tamim acquire a nation without going through the process of political elections while at the same time he does not have the aspiration to lead a nation or to become its ruler. It will happen purely because of the promise and the wish of Allah. Although the Prince of Bani Tamim do not want the leadership of a nation and he does not work towards it, but Allah will still give it to him. This happened to the first Mujaddid Caliph Umar Abdul Aziz. He did not want the power to rule but Allah still gave it to him and he was forced to accept it. Allah can do it any way He likes. We cannot envisage with our common minds how He would do it. He can take from and give power to anyone He likes. He decreed in the Quran:

Which means: “Say (Oh Muhammad): ‘Oh Allah? Possessor of the kingdom. You give the kingdom to whom You will, and You take the kingdom from whom You will, and You endue with honour whom You will, and You humiliate whom You will. In Your hand is good. Verily, You are able to do all things’.” (Ali Imran: 26)

That the Prince of Bani Tamim is able to Islamise a nation and the whole Malay archipelago and will be continued by Imam Mahdi and the Apostle Isa (Jesus) who will Islamise the whole world. This is a famous story. It is said and known by people of various races and religions in the world. It is a special promise from Allah and his Apostle for Muslims of the last era. It can happen quite easily.

The next question is who is the Prince of Bani Tamim? And who is Imam Mahdi?

To know this, let us all wait and see. The Islamic leader from the East who will rule and govern an Islamic nation in the region with pure Islamic politics and administration with peace and harmony in the early part of the 15th Hijriah century, he is the Prince of Bani Tamim. And to whom the Prince of Bani Tamim hands over his nation, he is the Imam Mahdi. Let us all pray (doa) so that the promise of Allah will occur for us. So that our longing to live in an Islamic nation like the Companions of the Prophet and the pious people of early Islam will come true.

The early part of the Hijriah century is still here. All Muslim leaders in the East can try to be the Prince of Bani Tamim. We must respond to the promise of Allah if we want to be an obedient servant.

We should emulate the Companions of the Prophet who rushed to realise the promise of Allah to be the good military leader who would capture Constantinople from the Christians as said by the Prophet. They were not told who the good military leader was. So they wanted to try to be him including Sayidina Abu Ayub Al Ansari who was then more than 90 years old. He advanced towards Constantinople and because he was not the promised one, he died a martyr beside the walls of the city. They were not disappointed if they failed. What is important is to fight for what Allah has promised and to gain His forgiveness and acceptance. Not trying is much worse than failing.

History proved that the person who succeeded to Islamise Constantinople was Muhammad Al Fateh. He was the one that the Prophet said was the good military leader. It happened 600 years after the Prophet said it. The companions and the faithful truly believed in what the Prophet said. They never doubted or feel daunted even if they tried and failed countless times. Not only did they not doubt but they try intensely to find the formula and the secret to achieve success. People who doubt the promise of Allah are people whose belief in the power of Allah is weak. Their hearts are not strong enough. With the slightest tests, their confidence is shaken. Whereas for people with clean, pure and strong hearts, tests and tribulations do not shake their confidence but will only strengthen their will and determination.

Everything that I write in this chapter is my belief. If there are any readers who doubt its truth, I hope they can be patient and wait for the emergence of an Islamic nation by the Prince of Bani Tamim. He will do it without having to go through political elections. If it does not happen within the time frame that I have mentioned, then you can say you do not believe me and you can declare me wrong.

To Islamic leaders who fight for Islam through political elections, I ask for forgiveness for saying that theirs is not the way to be a candidate for the post of the Prince of Bani Tamim. Nonetheless, you and I can try and let us see the outcome. If Allah destined that we are the chosen leader, then we should be thankful. If not, we should accept whoever is chosen by Allah and be with him. Let us not feel hurt or be envious and spiteful. As a servant of Allah, we have no God other than Allah and we have no place other than this earth to inhabit. So we should accept the decision of Allah Who is our God and Who owns this earth. Hopefully Allah too will forgive and accept us.


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